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Seamless Microinverter Installation in the Midwest

At All Seasons Home Pros, we aim to make powering homes easier. We are a home improvement company enhancing solar panel systems with microinverter installation in the Midwest. We provide solar panels with the most advanced technology and features, customized to fit any setup or configuration. Our team is trained and equipped to install devices on any solar panel system, no matter how complex. From meeting to discuss your needs to the final installation steps, you can depend on us for top-quality service.

Microinverter Installation

How Do Microinverters Improve Solar Panels?

Microinverters are single devices installed on individual solar panels to convert electricity. Unlike string inverters, they can capture and transfer 100% of electricity from the panel on which they’re installed. Homeowners choose microinverters for the following:

  • Near Instant Shutdown: Shut down your systems rapidly without a power optimizer.
  • Accurate Performance Monitoring: Track your panel’s performance through your smart device or application.
  • Shade-Resistance: Rely on your microinverter to perform optimally in shaded areas.
  • Easy Layout Expansion: Reorganize your system setup without reconfiguring entirely.
  • Excellent Warranty: Keep your microinverter protected with a 25-year warranty.
Microinverter Installation

Boost Your Home’s Efficiency With the IQ8

We proudly install IQ8 software, among the most innovative in the solar panel industry. This responsive software boosts energy efficiency by providing the following:

  • Intelligent On- and Off-Grid Switching: The IQ8 is powered by an intelligent chip that streamlines switching between on- and off-grid.
  • Automatic Updates: Using Enphase Energy Systems, IQ8 software installs updates itself.
  • Burst Mode Technology: Burst Mode technology allows the IQ8 to receive and transfer energy in spots with shade, cloud coverage, and minimal light.

A Convenient Solar Panel Solution

Microinverters are ideal for property owners who want to keep their energy transfer and solar panel system simple. If you have panels facing different directions or some that receive less light than others, the IQ8 software will be able to harness the sun’s power and transfer it without any issues. It is a wise investment that will make it easier to manage and control your system. All Seasons Home Pros will gladly provide information and guidance regarding proper installation and how to maximize your system’s capabilities.

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