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Advanced Solar Panels in the Midwest

All Seasons Home Pros will offer you a path toward a better future for your home. We are a leading provider and installer of Tier-1 solar panels in the Midwest, one of the most innovative product lines in solar power. Solar panels receive the light from the sun and convert it to electricity. They are much more efficient, sustainable, environmentally responsible, and affordable than traditional power sources. Our team is fully trained and equipped to install small- and large-scale solar energy systems with excellence.

Solar panels on the roof to power the house

Three Essential Benefits of Solar Panels

Are you considering switching your home from traditional power to solar? You may know panels are better for the environment, but here are three other benefits you may not have known:

  • Free After Installation: After the installation, you won’t have to spend much or any money on energy bills again. You control the energy source.
  • Powerful Energy Collection: Panels can capture the sun’s energy during cloudy or overcast days, storms, and winter weather.
  • Modular and Easily Expandable: Solar panel systems can be easily adjusted based on your changing needs. Reduce or increase the number of panels you have seamlessly.
Arbor Brewing Company's microbrewery in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Powering Homes With Tested and Proven Products

We are committed to providing our clients with nothing less than the best. We test our products three times more than the industry standard. They go through comprehensive third-party testing along with our own tests. Third parties have determined that our products surpass industry standards and can provide exceptional power during the harshest weather conditions. Every product has a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year power performance warranty, ensuring your system performs and functions optimally for years.

No Job Is Too Big or Small

In our years of experience, we’ve seen and serviced every kind of solar panel setup and configuration. Whether you need a simple system for a specific area of your home or full-scale paneling, All Seasons Home Pros is here to fulfill your needs to your complete satisfaction. We also install Microinverters and solar batteries, enabling you to store and regulate your home’s energy usage. When we consult with you, we’ll learn about your project’s scope and size and what level of efficiency you want to achieve. You can trust us to advise you and implement the right solution.

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