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Choose Solar Panels in
the Midwest

The sun can produce a year’s worth of power for every human being in one hour. Can you imagine if you had that much power at your disposal? All Seasons Home Pros can make that image a reality. We are a trusted installer of solar panels for the Midwest. We implement robust systems of all sizes and scopes. We’ve improved efficiency and lowered the carbon footprint of countless homeowners. We’ll set you up with a dynamic system so you can embrace a future with clean energy.

Solar panel on the roof of the Chicago house

The Three Primary Benefits of Solar Power

Many homeowners have converted their homes to solar power. It offers many advantages over traditional power sources, including the following:

  • Money and Energy Savings: Energy provided by the sun is virtually free if your system is strong enough to power your entire home.
  • Increase Home Value: An increasing number of people want a solar-powered home. Solar paneling is a desirable feature for many buyers.
  • Environmental Impact: Solar energy does not contribute to greenhouse gases. It doesn’t pollute water, and its carbon emissions are extremely low.

Power Your Home Throughout the Year

Solar production peaks during the hours with the most sunshine, with enough energy reserved to power homes during the night. Strong panels will capture the sun in overcast and low-light conditions, making them a great choice for your home during the winter and storms. You can rely on solar to keep your home powered during harsh weather conditions. If your system has a backup battery, you may be able to avoid power outages and blackouts. We install innovative panel systems homeowners trust day or night, rain or shine.

Solar panels on the houses roof

Your Top Choice for a Solar Installation

At All Seasons Home Pros, your functional and aesthetic needs are prioritized. By choosing us for your panels and installation, you’ll receive the following advantages and more:

  • Tier-1 black-on-black modules are designed with a sleek, modern appearance that looks outstanding and boosts property value.
  • Zero out-of-pocket financing and flexible payment plans, providing top quality at manageable costs.
  • A 30-year efficiency warranty and standard manufacturer warranties to keep your panels protected.

A Simple Guide to Going Solar

The step-by-step guide to what you can expect from All Seasons Home Pros.


We want to make sure that what we have proposed will work. We will take some measurements, check out your roof, and do a shade analysis.


Depending on where you live, in most cases we will need to pull a permit since we are doing electrical work. We will handle all of this with our Master Electricians.


In most circumstances, this is a 1 to 2 day process. We will install the panels, and tie it into the electrical system for the house.


When a permit is required, we will request a city ot county inspection to ensure we have done everything to code. This typically occurs within 24 - 48 hrs after install.


This is the Big Day! A representative from the utiity company will come to swap out your meter and turn it all on.

Are You Ready to Go Solar?

At All Seasons Home Pros, we are fully committed to the planet and the homeowners we serve daily. We believe solar power is better for the earth and your budget. You can start improving your home’s energy efficiency with us today. We offer professional guidance and advice to our clients about solar panel systems and how to best use them for maximum results. If you have questions regarding solar energy and how to harness it, our team is here to provide the information you need.

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